The City of Stockton is always seeking civic-minded individuals interested in serving the community.  Service to the community is a rewarding experience that will broaden your knowledge of local government and provide an opportunity for personal and professional development.  One way to serve the community is by applying for a position on a Board, Commission, Committee, or Task Force.



Applications are an online only process.  To apply, select the apply button below.  All applications will be considered for future vacancies.  Applications are valid for one year.


The Boards and Commissions application can only be used with Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.  Please check your browser before selecting the "Apply" button below.



For additional information about the Board or Commission, click on the bold name of the Board or Commission.  To view a list of members currently serving on the Board or Commission, click on the "Member Roster" button. 


For additional information or assistance, contact the Office of the City Clerk.


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