Stockton Arts Commission

The Stockton Arts Commission (SAC) serves as the arts advocacy commission for the City and a catalyst to support and strengthen community awareness, opportunities, and involvement in arts and culture. 


We Got the Grant!

The California Arts Council has awarded the City of Stockton and the Stockton Arts Commission a Creative California Communities Grant for Stockton Arts Week. With support from the California Arts Council, with its biggest investment in arts and culture statewide since 2001, the Stockton Arts Commission will expand Stockton Arts Week.

Events like the annual Collide Festival will showcase the diversity of local artists, expand the arts, and improve the City’s downtown. We have been awarded $60,000 and funds will be used for two years of programming.

  • For full list of 2019 Grant Awards, visit the California Arts Council press release in External Links. 


City of Stockton Poet Laureate

Tama Brisbane serves the City of Stockton in the capacity of Poet Laureate. Her term is effective July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2021.  The following is the full text of her poem, Revelation.



Sides, as though by decree, disappear
No south side or east side or north side
Or Brookside
Only a unanimous desert of inside
Relieved by fleeting oases of outside.


Turf has become a tarnished trophy, undefended
Because who wants to rep a block no one's been seen on
In the years it's taking these hours to pass.


The potholes on Pershing are easy to avoid
Now that the asphalt emptiness of 3am exists all day.
There is a civic shiver at the unexpected echo
Of a Hammer lain down until further notice.


And we notice that we find ourselves missing
So much
But nothing is missed so much
As each other
We, the City of


Segregated, suspicious...and sympathetic
Truculent, turbulent...and triumphant
Obstinate, obscene...and outgoing
Cantankerous, crowded...and compassionate
Knavish, keening...and kindred
Tenuous, tactless...and treasured
Overbearing, ornery...and open-hearted
Notorious, negative...and noble.


In our isolation it turns out
We are more community than we thought,
And we will all find us again.


Arts Commission History

The Commission was founded by Marian Jacobs and a group of local arts supporters in the mid-1970s. Today, the Commission operates within the City's Community Services Department with an arts director and a 15-member volunteer commission appointed by the Mayor and City Council. 


To learn more about the Stockton Arts Commission's function, legal authority, member qualifications, visit the City Clerk's Arts Commission page.



External Links

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