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Councilmember Michael TubbsMichael Tubbs was elected in 2012 as the youngest City Councilmember in Stockton's history and one of the youngest elected officials in the nation.  He represents the 6th District of the City of Stockton, the district he grew up in. 


On November 8, 2016, Tubbs was elected to serve as Mayor.  His term of office as mayor will begin, January 1, 2017.


Born and raised in Stockton, Michael attended Hamilton Middle School and graduated with the International Baccalaureate diploma from Franklin High School.   After Franklin, Michael earned a full ride scholarship to Stanford University graduating with his master's degree in Policy, Leadership and Organization Studies, his bachelor's degree with honors, as a Truman Scholar and as the recipient of the highest university award, the Dinkelspiel.   While at Stanford, Michael served as President of the school's NAACP, a voting member of the Board of Trustees Development Committee, the featured speaker at Freshman Convocation, and started The Phoenix Scholars, a non-profit that has helped hundreds of young people in California become the first in their families to go to college. 


Michael has been an active participant in many of the city's boards and commissions including spending 2 years as Chairman of the Youth Advisory Commission.  In response to the spike in crime during the summer months, he co-created Save Our Stockton, which successfully established a task force on youth and crime.   He also organized a "Back to School" tour and gave assemblies at Stagg and Franklin High Schools, instilling in youth the importance of attaining a higher education.  Additionally, he co-founded the Summer Success and Leadership Academy at the University of Pacific, a residential program that trains Stockton's youth to create solutions to the problems facing the city.   Furthermore, Tubbs has interned in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs for the White House.


Michael is excited and humbled at the opportunity to serve the community that raised him.  During his term, he will help to reinvent Stockton by focusing on public safety, economic development and job creation, government transparency, community building, and providing opportunities for Stockton's youth.


Awards and Recognition

Councilmember Tubbs received the 2013 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration Image Award and event keynote speaker.  For additional information, please see External Links below.


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Contact Information

Councilmember Michael Tubbs

425 N. El Dorado Street

Stockton, CA 95202

(209) 937-8244




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The Record, January 18, 2013 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration

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