City Council Goals

On April 14, 2014, the Stockton City Council held a workshop to develop a Strategic Workplan for the 2014-15 fiscal year.  The Council provided clear direction and focus by establishing the following strategic targets and priority goals.


Strategic Targets

  • Public Safety
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Organizational Development
  • Economic Development
  • Youth
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Relations/Image


Priority Goals

  1. Improve police response times, customer service and follow-ups; hire additional officers and increase diversity.
  2. Implement the Marshall Plan and institutionalize it.
  3. Retool public nuisance code enforcement issues.
  4. Instituationalize modeling for financial forecasting.
  5. Dedicate monetary resources for improved technology.
  6. Develop and implement economic development plan to attract and retain businesses and target areas of underserved populations.
  7. Focus on downtown market rate housing project (ULI Study).
  8. Revise General Plan.
  9. Develop an aggressive marketing and communication plan.


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