Water Rates

The City of Stockton is committed to providing the highest quality water at the lowest possible rates to approximately 49,000 residential and commercial connections in north and south Stockton.


Approved Adjustments to Water Rates

To meet this commitment, the City hired independent rate consultant HDR Engineering, Inc. to prepare a cost-of-service analysis and Water Rate Study Report (2021 Water Rate Study) to support a new five-year rate schedule that:

  • Provides sufficient revenue to operate and maintain the City's water infrastructure and capital improvement projects;
  • Reflects prudent financial planning criteria;
  • Determines that rates are cost-based and equitable;
  • Reflects the findings of the revenue requirement and cost-of-service analyses; and
  • Meets the rate design goals and objectives of the City.

The 2021 Water Rate Study determines how customers equitably and fairly pay for the water services over a new five-year period.


On May 25, 2021, the City Council approved water rates and charges for the next five years. The approved maximum water rate adjustments become effective July 1 of 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025.


How Are Water Rates Calculated?

The City's proposed water rate structure includes a fixed charge and a consumption charge.

  • The fixed charge applies to all customer groups and is determined by the size of the meter serving the property. The fixed charge recovers a portion of the City’s fixed costs.
  • The consumption charge is based on the amount of water consumed for each property, measured in hundred cubic feet (“CCF”). One CCF is equivalent to 748 gallons.


Drought Recovery Charges

  • Drought Recovery Charges, previously known as "Drought Surcharges," are an additional charge per CCF that may be activated by a declared water shortage level pursuant to the City’s Urban Water Management Plan, such as a drought, a statewide order mandating water use reductions, or other natural disaster or event that results in a water shortage and an unforeseen drop in water demand.
  • Stages of Water Conservation are defined in the Stockton Municipal Code (SMC) 13.28, Water Conservation.


Private Fire Hydrant Service Charge and Private Fire Protection Service Charges

The City of Stockton applies a monthly Private Fire Hydrant Service Charge for hydrants that are specific to certain private businesses. A monthly Private Fire Protection Service Charge is also applied on certain properties that have a private fire service meter. 


Please review below a summary of the proposed rate adjustments for fixed meter service charge, monthly consumption charge, drought recovery charges, private fire hydrant service charge and private fire protection service charge:


Approved Water Rate Adjustments - Additional Resources


Virtual Community Meetings About the Water Rate Adjustments

The City hosted two virtual community meetings on April 22, 2021 and May, 2021, to provide customers in the City of Stockton water service area more information and answer questions about the water rate adjustments.


Contact Us

  • Call our dedicated water rate phone line at 209-937-5001.
    • Please leave a message with your question, property address, and phone number.
    • We will provide the answer and/or additional requested information within two business days.
  • Submit a question through Ask Stockton by selecting the topic titled "Water - Proposed Rate Adjustments"


Current Water Rates

After a series of public notices and meetings, new rates for the next five years were adopted at a Public Hearing on June 28, 2016. The following rates are effective on July 1, 2020. The applicable Monthly Water Service Charge will appear on July bills. Water Use billed each month reflects water consumed in the prior month.


Meter Size (inches)

Monthly Water 

Service Charge

Water Use (1 Unit = 748 gallons)

 1" or smaller $33.90

Single Family Rates

Water Use Tier 1 - Units 0 - 15: $2.47 per Unit

Water Use Tier 2 - Units 16 & over: $2.95 per Unit



Multi-Family Rates

Water Use Winter (October - April): $2.11 per Unit

Water Use Summer (May - September): $2.30 per Unit



Non-Residential Rates

Water Use Winter (October - April): $2.11 per Unit

Water Use Summer (May - September): $2.46 per Unit



Irrigation Rates

Water Use Winter (October - April): $2.20 per Unit

Water Use Summer (May - September): $2.79 per Unit


 1.5" $67.80
 2" $108.48
 3" $203.40
 4" $339.00
 6" $678.00
 8" $1,084.80
 10" $1,559.40
 12" $2,288.25


For additional information or questions, please contact Utility Billing Customer Service.


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