Water Rates

The City of Stockton utility service rates are reviewed and approved annually by the City Council and are based on the budgeted costs to run the system and the number of existing connections.  Current rates are available in the City of Stockton Fee Schedule.  


Water Rate Adjustment

The City of Stockton Municipal Utilities Department is committed to providing clean, safe, reliable drinking water for our customers.  To meet this commitment, it is necessary to adjust water rates.  After a series of public notices and meetings, new rates were adopted at a Public Hearing on June 28, 2016. The first adjustment was effective August 1, 2016.  The second adjustment was approved by City Council with the adoption of the 2017-18 Annual Budget and was effective July 1, 2017.


After review and approval by the City Council, rate adjustments in each of the next three years will become effective July 1 of 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Water Rates

A fixed Monthly Water Service Charge is based on meter size. In addition to the fixed monthly service charge, Units of water use (consumption) are billed:

  • in Tiers for Single Family customers
  • as Winter and Summer rates apply to Multi-Family, Non-Residential (commercial, industrial and institutional), and Irrigation customers; and
  • Drought Surcharges apply to all water used during declared Stages of Water Conservation.

All charges for service, fixed- and usage-based, pro-rated to a 30-day billing cycle:

  • Fixed charges and usage may be pro-rated if the billing cycle is more or less than 30 days.
  • The actual amount pro-rated is determined by the number of days the service was used during the current billing cycle. 


Monthly Water Bills - include:

Water Service Charge

  • A fixed Monthly Water Service Charge applies to all classes of service and is based on the size of the meter.

Water Use (Units)

  • Water use (consumption) is billed in Units; a Unit of water is 748 gallons.
  • Single family rates are billed in two Tiers:
    • Tier 1 for Units 0 – 15, and
    • Tier 2 for Units 16 and over.
  • All other classes of service, Multi-Family, Non-residential (commercial, industrial, institutional), and Irrigation, are billed for Units of water used based on Winter or Summer rates.

Drought Surcharge

When water conservation Stages are in effect a Drought Surcharge will apply per Unit of water consumed. Stages of Water Conservation are defined in the Stockton Municipal Code (SMC) 13.28, Water Conservation.  The City of Stockton is currently in Stage 1 conservation.


Water Rates - Effective July 1, 2017

The following rates are effective July 1, 2017. The applicable Monthly Water Service Charge will appear on July bills. Water Use and Drought Surcharge rates will be reflected on August bills for water consumed in the month of July.


Meter Size (inches)

Monthly Water 

Service Charge

Water Use/Drought Surcharge

 1" or smaller $31.00

Single Family Rates

Water Use Tier 1 - Units 0 - 15:  $2.23 per Unit

Water Use Tier 2 - Units 16 & over: $2.66 per Unit

Drought Surcharge/Residential - Stage 1:  $0.27 per Unit


Multi-Family Rates

Water Use Winter (October - April): $1.90 per Unit

Water Use Summer (May - September):  $2.07 per Unit

Drought Surcharge/Multi-Family - Stage 1:  $0.22 per Unit


Non-Residential Rates

Water Use Winter (October - April): $1.90 per Unit

Water Use Summer (May - September):  $2.21 per Unit

Drought Surcharge/Non-Residential - Stage 1:  $0.23 per Unit


Irrigation Rates

Water Use Winter (October - April): $1.99 per Unit

Water Use Summer (May - September):  $2.53 per Unit

Drought Surcharge/Irrigation - Stage 1:  $0.26 per Unit

 1.5" $62.00
 2" $99.20
 3" $186.00
 4" $310.00
 6" $620.00
 8" $992.00
 10" $1,426.00
 12" $2,092.50


For additional information or questions, please contact Utility Billing Customer Service.


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