Environmental/Other Projects

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires public agencies document and consider the potential environmental effects of any agency actions that meet CEQA's definition of a "project": 

  • an action with the potential to result in direct or indirect physical changes in the environment, and
  • includes the agency's direct activities and activities involving public agency approvals or funding.


Guidelines for an agency's implementation of CEQA are found in the "CEQA Guidelines" (Title 14, Chapter 3, California Code of Regulations).  If a project is not exempt from CEQA, the agency evaluates the potential environmental effects with an initial study to:

  • determine if the project would involve significant environmental effects, and
  • describe feasible mitigation measures to avoid the significant effects or reduce the effects to less than significant level. 

If the initial study does not identify significant effects or identifies mitigation measures to reduce all significant effects to a less than significant level, the agency may prepare a Negative Declaration. If this is not the case, the agency must prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).


The agency may also decide to proceed directly with the preparation of an EIR without preparation of an Initial Study.


Current Development Projects


Miner Avenue Precise Road Plan (P16-0560)


Open Window Master Development Plan - Downtown

NorCal Logistics Center


The applicant, Arch Road L.P., proposes to further subdivide approximately 325 acres (“project site”) of its 495-acre property. Project site is comprised of two non-adjacent portions: 

  • approximately 50-acre southern portion adjacent to Arch Road, and
  • approximately 275-acre northern portion adjacent to Mariposa Road. 


The entire property is presently zoned for the development of industrial uses “as of right” within the City of Stockton. Proposed subdivision will not enlarge or change the industrial development already allowed on the property. Therefore, the project consists of simply further subdividing northern and southern portions of project site: 

(i) the approximately 50-acre southern portion located along Arch Road would be subdivided into 6 new lots; this parcel is 56 gross acres; however, 6 acres are setback for Weber Slough and will be avoided by the project, and

(ii) the approximately 275-acre northern portion located along Mariposa Road would be subdivided into 15 new lots (total).



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