The City of Stockton's Zoning Map divides all of the land within the City into different areas or "zones."  Zoning regulates what land can be used for in that area and also regulates standards for new development building.  Development standards refer the following in a given zone:

  • height,
  • lot coverage,
  • parking standards,
  • wall,
  • tree shading or landscaping requirements, and
  • setback requirements.

The purpose of establishing zoning designations within a community ensures neighboring land uses are compatible with one another.  Residential uses, for example, are generally not compatible with industrial uses.  If a property owner or developer wishes to develop property with a use that is inconsistent with the site's existing zoning designation, procedures in place that could allow the designation to be changed. 



This request requires a completed rezoning application with the property owner's signature, application fee, and necessary exhibits to illustrate the requested change in zoning. 


Rezoning Procedures

The procedures include noticed public hearings before both the Planning Commission and the City Council.  In addition, the project's potential environmental impacts must be addressed during the application processing.  Specific questions regarding rezoning applications should be directed to staff in the Planning Division.


Zoning Districts

The Zoning Map shows the Zoning Districts as designated in the Development Code.  For more specific Zoning District information, please refer to the Development Code below under External Links or contact the Planning Division.


Zoning Maps and Information


Other Maps

To view a list of other maps that can be downloaded or printed, please visit the City of Stockton GIS Printed Maps web page for the Planning Division.



External Links

Stockton Development Code - Chapter 16.16 Zoning Districts Established, Zoning Map Adopted.


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