Extreme Cold

Extreme cold events are not common in the City of Stockton. Generally, the City has mild winter seasons with no expectation of ground ice or freezing water for extended periods of time. Occasionally, freezing temperatures in the upper atmosphere will create snow or hail, but it is rare to see any remain on the ground without melting almost immediately.


The week of December 2, 2013, below freezing temperatures are anticipated in San Joaquin County.  The City of Stockton and San Joaquin County Offices of Emergency Services urge you to prepare for this sudden change of weather and extreme cold.

  • This Cold Weather Tips flyer has information about winterizing your vehicle, preparing an emergency supply kit, protecting plants, pets and pipes, as well as how to dress for winter.
  • This Minimum Temperature Forecast map and chart, prepared by the National Weather Service, illustrates extreme cold temperatures expected to impact Northern California.

San Joaquin County has faced periods of cold temperatures in the past that constitute an extreme meteorological event. Most recently in the late 1980s the County faced such conditions. The only identified at-risk population in those events was the homeless due to the lack at that time of shelter facilities for homeless residents. Since then a homeless shelter has opened in downtown Stockton where many of the homeless can find shelter from the cold. (Source: San Joaquin Operational Area- Extreme Cold Plan)


To review the entire San Joaquin Operational Area - Extreme Cold Plan, please see External Links below.

If you have questions about the City of Stockton Office of Emergency Services, contact Stockton Fire Department Administration or the Office of Emergency Services.

In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1.


External Links


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