Fire Department Adopt-A-School

In 1996, the Stockton Fire Department developed a program to reach our young citizens in the community we serve. The program is entitled Adopt-A-School. The goal of the program is to improve the communication with our local schools while focusing on students who are in the first through third grade. The program provides information to these young students with the intention to create a reasonable degree of fire safety in their lives. It is our belief that the safety principles learned early in life will help protect citizens for a lifetime.


How the Program Works

Each fire station throughout the city is assigned their "adopted" schools. The intent of designating schools to be adopted by a particular fire station is so that students can interact with a group of familiar faces each time they are visited by our firefighters. The participation by our firefighters includes conducting scheduled fire drills, regular safety inspections, and scheduled fire safety presentations. In addition to fire safety, firefighters also cover related safety issues, such as earthquake preparedness, child safety, and our annual Fire Prevention Week.



Presenting the Fire Safety Message

Firefighters use their own delivery style and may use props, such as smoke detectors, breathing apparatus, specialized firefighting tools or other props which make the presentation more interesting to the students. The goal of our safety presentations is to pass on the safety information in such a way that most students will recall key points. The enthusiastic involvement of our firefighters has made this program a success.


If you have questions, please contact the Stockton Fire Department Fire Prevention Division.


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