Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Division


The Fire Prevention Division manages the Safe and Sane Fireworks Program.

  • Only fireworks that carry the State Fire Marshal Safe and Sane seal are allowed for sale and use within the city limits of the City of Stockton.
  • The sale of Safe and Sane fireworks is limited to 30 non-profit organizations selected through a lottery process.


Social Host and Penalties Ordinance Update - Effective June 14, 2022

Effective June 14, 2022, the Stockton City Council adopted an ordinance imposing penalties on individuals who use illegal fireworks and extending the liability to those who are in charge of the property, such as owners and tenants, for violations that occur on their property.


About Fire Prevention Division

We work to reduce the risk of fires and safeguard the lives, welfare, and economy of the community through:

  • code enforcement
  • fire safety education
  • fire investigation
  • special services, such as plan checking and fire code operational permits

 Fire Prevention week is October 8 - 14, 2023


 The Fire Prevention Division is located in the Permit Center with the Community Development Department, Planning & Engineering Division, and the Building & Life Safety Division. This one-stop location streamlines service for both business owners and contractors.

 Please visit our Permit Center web page for more information about the fire prevention operational fire permit and plan check applications.



External Links

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