Hazardous Materials Team

The Hazardous Materials (Haz Mat) Team works to:

  • Protect the public by mitigating hazardous materials releases and environmental emergencies.
  • Coordinate with state and local authorities to prepare for, prevent, respond to, mitigate and determine the responsible party for a variety of hazardous materials releases.

The Stockton Fire Department established a formal Haz Mat Team in 1987 as required by federal law to meet potential hazards posed by the increasing use of toxic and hazardous materials.  Emergency operations are coordinated by the Deputy Chief of Operations and the Haz Mat Chief.


The Stockton Fire Department Haz Mat Team is in the process of becoming a State-certified Type 2 Haz Mat team.


The team is a member of the San Joaquin County Joint Hazardous Materials Response Team, a pool of hazardous material teams that can be used on large-scale incidents county-wide.

Other resources include:

  • San Joaquin County Department of Public Health,
  • Environmental Health,
  • County Office of Emergency Service, and
  • the United States Coast Guard.


To maintain compliance with Cal-OSHA regulations, all certified members must :

  • successfully complete a 160-hour Hazardous Materials Technician certification course,
  • attend an additional 80 hours of training, and
  • receive at least 24 hours of continuing education.


Every firefighter recruit academy receives 40 hours of instruction in Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness/Operational, Decontamination, and Terrorism Consequence Management.

Upon completion, recruits are certified to First Responder Operations and Decon.

Haz Mat 10

Haz Mat 10

The Hazardous Materials Response Unit includes members from Engine Company 10 and other members in the Fire Department.  

Truck 7 personnel are also trained to at least the Haz Mat Technician level to backup the Haz Mat Team during incidents. 


The Haz Mat Team uses a hazardous materials response vehicle, Haz Mat 10, as a mobile laboratory to analyze and identify materials on site.

Haz Mat 10 contains:

  • personal protective equipment, such as Level A and Level B chemical protective suits,
  • decontamination equipment,
  • self-contained breathing apparatus,
  • chemical and hazard assessment equipment to detect gas, radiation, and nerve agents,
  • mobile computer database with extensive chemical reference library
  • portable weather station, and
  • supplies for spill control and containment to minimize the impact of an event on the environment. 

Decon 10

Decon 10Decon 10 is a support vehicle that responds to mass-decontamination events with a 20-foot trailer for large scale incidents.


The trailer contains multiple inflatable shower units, a portable water heater, tethered air cart, and necessary protective clothing.


If you would like know more about the Hazardous Materials Team, please contact Stockton Fire Department Administration.



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