The Risk Services Division develops the insurance requirements for all contracts for the City of Stockton. The Division also reviews and approves all bonds and evidence of insurance, including Certificates of Insurance and endorsements for all contracts. Examples of these may include:

  • Contracts - Constructions, Professional Services, Supplier, Lease
  • Permits - Encroachment, Revocable, Street Closures, Block Parties
  • Bonds - Performance, Maintenance, Labor and Materials

Application and insurance information for Special Events may be found on the City of Stockton Community Services page.


Insurance Exhibits

The following are templates of specific insurance requirements for contracts with the City of Stockton.  While the list is comprehensive, it is not all-encompassing. If you cannot find a template that covers your contract, please call the Human Resources Department - Risk Services Division and one will be created for your specific need.




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