Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Do you accept credit cards?

A:  We accept the following credit cards in payment of delinquent accounts owed to the City of Stockton:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

If you would like to make a payment by either of the above-indicated credit cards, you must contact Human Resources and ask for the Subrogation Division so that appropriate arrangements can be made to accommodate the credit card payment.


Q: Can I make payment arrangements?

A:  Yes.  Please contact Human Resources and ask for the Subrogation Division to set up a payment plan.


Q: How can I make my payments once the payment arrangements have been made?

A:  You can either mail them or you can bring them to 22 E. Weber Avenue, Suite 150,  Stockton, CA  95202 in person.


Q:  I'm making my monthly payments, but I still receive a bill from the City demanding that payment in full be made within 30 days?

A:  If you are making monthly payments, the bill is for your information to keep you apprised of your account status and amounts due.


Q:  Why do I have to pay the City  if I'm already making payments to the San Joaquin County Office of Revenue and Recovery?

A:  If you are already making payments on the account through the Office of Revenue and Recovery, you need not make payments directly to the city.  However, you are responsible for making sure that the payments made to the Office of Revenue and Recovery include the charges from the City.


Small Claims

Q:  I have been sued in Small Claims Court by the City of Stockton. Whom do I contact to resolve the matter prior to the hearing date?

A:  Call Human Resources and ask for the Subrogation Division to pay the full amount or make payment arrangements.

Important: You must appear in Court at the designated time and place indicated on the Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court (Form SC-100).



Q:  My driver's license has been suspended due to this judgment - how do I get it reinstated?

A:  Pay the judgment and post judgment interest in full.  If payment is made in certified funds, a suspension rescission will be forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You should note that these agencies generally have their own requirements before a license can be reinstated. These requirements are generally described in the suspension letter you received from them.


Q:  What if I cannot pay it in full?

A:  You may contact the Court where the judgment was entered and file a Motion for Time Payments.  The DMV does not allow us to informally agree to a payment schedule - they require a Court order.  For assistance, contact the Small Claims Advisor at the appropriate court.  The phone number for the Small Claims Advisor at the San Joaquin County Superior Court or go to the San Joaquin County Superior Court website list under External Links below.


Q:  I am an escrow Company - How do I get a demand letter?

A:  Fax your request for a demand letter to Human Resources (Attn: Subrogation Division) .  The demand letter  is generally provided by fax within two business days.


Q:  I paid my judgment - when will I receive the Satisfaction of Judgment?

A:  If you paid by cash, money order, or certified funds, the Satisfaction will be mailed to you and filed with the Court within one week. If you paid by check, the Satisfaction will not be available until the check has cleared - generally 30 days. You can check the San Joaquin County Superior Court website listed under External Links below to verify if it has been filed.


Q:  What do I do with the Satisfaction of Judgment form?

A:  The City of Stockton does not send this document to any credit reporting agency or Recorder's Office for release of lien. You must provide a copy to your credit-reporting agency to have their records updated. If an Abstract of Judgment was recorded against your property, you must record this release in the counties listed on the Satisfaction of Judgment form.


Property Damage

Q:  Whom do I contact if I have damaged City property and want to obtain a bill for the repair?

A:  Please call Human Resources and ask for the Subrogation Division . If you can provide us with the law enforcement report number or a copy of the traffic collision report we may be able to expedite the billing process.


Q: Can I make payment arrangements?

A:  In most cases, we can start you on a payment plan immediately.


DUI Cost Recovery

Q:  What is DUI Emergency Response Cost Recovery?

A:  California Government Code Section 53150 - 53158 allows public agencies to collect fees for reimbursement of costs for an appropriate emergency response to an alcohol/drug related traffic incident.


Q:  Why are the defendants not informed of cost recovery fees by the criminal courts?

A:  DUI cost recovery is a civil matter and separate from criminal court proceedings.


Q:  Why are cost recovery fees required, if court fines have already been paid?

A:  Court ordered fines and/or penalties are imposed by criminal court jurisdictions and collected by county municipalities. The City of Los Angeles bills Stockton Police Department Cost Recovery fees, which are collected separately from the Court ordered sanctions.



External Links

San Joaquin County Superior Court contact number for Small Claims (209) 468-2949

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