Measure W


Measure W was approved by voters November 2, 2004.  It was originally adopted by Ordinance 038-04 C.S., and is codified in Stockton Municipal Code, Section 3.52, entitled Funding for Police and Fire Protection Services.  The ordinance provides for a one-quarter cent (0.25%) transaction and use tax (sales tax), a tax dedicated to providing for police and fire personnel and services.  The ordinance calls for Program Guidelines, which were developed and adopted by the City Council, August 4, 2004. The Program Guidelines prescribe two methods of assuring that tax monies collected are used as specified by the ordinance.  The first method is an independent audit and the second method is a citizens' committee.


Financial Reports

Independent audits are conducted annually. Results of the audits are reviewed by the Committee and approved by City Council and reported in an annual report prepared and approved by the Committee as a newsletter. Additionally, every five years, a report is prepared for the preceding five-year period:


Five-Year Reports

Annual Reports

 Annual Audits


Citizens' Oversight Committee

Stockton Council Policy Chapter 3.08 establishes the structure, purpose, governance and requirements of  the Committee and its members. 


Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of seven members, with these community members serving on the Committee:

  • Robert Bivens, Member
  • Phillip Herrera, Member
  • Lourdes Jaurigue, Member
  • Richard Vasquez, Member


Committee Actions & Meetings

The Committee is appointed by the City Council and acts in an advisory capacity to the Council.  The Committee operates under the Program Guidelines and Policy approved by the City Council. All Committee meeting agendas and minutes are available on the City’s website.  


Current Sales Tax Rate

The sales tax rate within the City of Stockton is 9%.

Stockton’s sales tax includes the following:

  • State sales tax - 7.25%
  • San Joaquin County Transportation Infrastructure (Measure K) - .50% 
  • Stockton Safe Neighborhood Gang and Drug Prevention Police & Fire - Funding for Police and Fire Protection Services - (Measure W) - .25% 
  • Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, Essential City Services (Measures A & B) - .75% 
  • Strong Communities (Measure M) - .25%


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