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In an effort to engage and reach a broader community audience, the City of Stockton endorses the secure use of social media to enhance communications, collaboration, information exchange, increase transparency, and foster productivity.


By following the City and many of its departments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, nextdoor, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., we will keep you posted on City-related information that may help you, your family, your business, your neighborhood, and our community.


You can also keep in touch with us through Ask Stockton online or using the new mobile app available from your cell phone service provider App Store.  More information about Ask Stockton and a screenshot of the mobile app are available here.


The following sites are official City of Stockton social media sites:


City of Stockton



Economic Development Department


Stockton Police Department 


Animal Services


Stockton Fire Department 


Community Services/Library


Community Services/Recreation


Office of the City Clerk


Office of Violence Prevention


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