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Regional Wastewater Control Facility Capital Improvement & Energy Management Plan

The Regional Wastewater Control Facility was constructed over 60 years ago, with some processes reconstructed within the last 20 years. Equipment and infrastructure have outlived their useful life. A plant upgrade is needed to improve the treatment process and meet new State discharge requirements. 

A Capital Improvement and Energy Management Plan has been developed to:

  • Meet regulatory and economic factors for future upgrades
  • Chart the course for immediate and future improvements
  • Implement energy generation and energy savings measures

The estimated project cost is $150-$170 million and is in the planning stages. Funding for the Plan was included in the 2010 Wastewater Rate Study and the approved phased rate increases.

  • Proposals from Progressive Design/Build Contractors are being reviewed for the design and construction of plant upgrades.

2014 Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Hole Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of 100 sanitary sewer maintenance holes throughout the City due to corrosion and structural deficiencies. 

Sanitary Sewer Force Main Condition Assessment – River Crossings

  • Evaluate the various sanitary sewer force mains at river crossings throughout the City,
  • Determine the condition of the pipelines, and
  • Identify areas which require rehabilitation due to corrosion and structural deficiencies.

Eighth Street and Weston Ranch Stormwater Pump Station Rehabilitation

To rehabilitate the bar racks and supporting steel beams from corrosion and structural deficiencies.

2015 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Rehabilitation of existing sewer lines deteriorating or inadequately sized. 

Construction includes the replacement of approximately 3,100 linear feet of 6-inch sewer pipe and 250 linear feet of 8-inch sewer pipe throughout the City along:

  • Commerce Street between Fourth Street and Third Street
  • Walnut  Street between Pershing Avenue and Columbia Avenue along Public Utility Easement (PUE)
  • Esperanza Way east of Villa Drive along a PUE
  • Porterfield Court between Porter Avenue and Porterfield Court
  • Third Street between 270 Third Street and Center Street
  • Glendora Avenue along a PUE
  • Pacific Avenue between Bedford Road and Walnut Street along a PUE

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