Regional Wastewater Control Facility

What is wastewater?Wastewater Treatment Plant at night

There are over 116,000 sewer connections throughout the City.  Every time you run water down the drain or flush the toilet, that wastewater routes through over 900 miles of sanitary sewer lines to end up at the Regional Wastewater Control Facility (RWCF).


The RWCF works 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, making sure everything flows properly.  Once the wastewater arrives at our plant, it is treated to ensure any water emptied into the Delta meets the highest water quality standards to protect our environment.


Every day, approximately 33 million gallons of sewage is processed at Municipal Utilities Department (MUD).  The RWCF is a tertiary treatment plant that ensures only the cleanest water is discharged into the Delta.


Part of MUD's efforts to protect the environment is to create energy to power the plant from the waste that comes into the plant each day.  At a minimum, over 40 million pounds of sludge is processed each day through environmentally safe procedures.  MUD’s cogeneration facility generates 17,600 kilowatts/year, and the decomposition process for biosolids provides some of the energy for the engine generators.  This onsite energy production supplies most of the plant’s power needs. 



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