ProblemsCrew cleaning storm drain after a storm

Reporting a Problem

To report an emergency, please call our Emergency Service Center.  This Hotline is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  For non-emergencies, please Contact Us.



  1. Raw sewage is backing up onto your property or into the gutter.
  2. Your street is flooded due to clogged storm drains.
  3. A water pipe is broken and water is running out into the street.
  4. Paint, oil, swimming pool water, or other types of hazardous waste are being dumped or washed into the gutter or storm drain.
  5. A maintenance-hole cover is missing or not sitting correctly on the opening.


Sewer Problems

If your sewer system clogs or backs up, the problem may not be in the sewer line at your home or business.  Contact Us before you call a plumber.  MUD will come out to determine the location of the problem and clear any clogs beyond the owner's connection point.  This could save costly and unnecessary plumbing repairs. 

We have crews on duty 16 hours a day, 365-days a year, who will respond promptly to your call.  Our service trucks are equipped to open clogged lines.  If repairs to City lines are needed, we have construction crews available to handle the problem.


Clogged Storm Drains

Clogged storm drains can cause street flooding and traffic hazards.  Please keep storm drains clear of debris.  Remember to sweep and dispose of leaves and other garden debris from the gutter and sidewalks; don’t let it clog the drains.  If the drains get clogged during a storm and your street and gutter begin to flood, Contact Us.  We will send a crew to clear the storm drain as quickly as possible.


Water Leak Problems

If you see water leaking into the gutter or street, it may be an indication of a broken pipe.  First, check the nearest address to see if your water provider is the City of Stockton.  If it is, please call MUD, so we can send a service crew to assess the situation.  If it is not, please contact your provider.  Even a small leak can be a sign of a larger problem and water is much too precious a resource to waste.  Helping to avoid waste can ultimately save money for us all.


Illegal Dumping or Cleaning

If you see someone washing out construction or painting equipment, dumping oil, emptying their swimming pool, or in any way allowing any hazardous waste into the gutter or storm drains, please call MUD as soon as possible. 

Water that goes into the gutter flows through the storm drain and into the Delta without being treated.  We need to stop the hazardous waste before it gets into the Delta.  Each call is treated with confidentiality.  Illegal dumping is a serious matter.


Storm Drain Covers

Missing or Improperly Set Maintenance Hole Covers

If you see a missing maintenance hole cover, or one sitting incorrectly, please call MUD as soon as possible.  Your call could prevent serious injury and unnecessary property damage.


Water Waste

Water is a precious and vital resource for us all and it should never be wasted.  Report water waste by calling our Water Conservation Hotline. All of our contact numbers can be found on Contact Us.



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