WaterPipes at Delta Water Treatment Plant

The Municipal Utilities Department (MUD) is one of the water service providers in the Stockton area, serving nearly 49,000 connections to residences and businesses in north and south Stockton.


Boil Water Notice Cancellation Red Arrow

Updated December 7, 2022, at 1:30 p.m.

On Monday, December 5, 2022, a boil water notice was issued to approximately 300 properties in the area between E. Lafayette St. and E. Marsh St., and the area between S. Filbert St. and S. Broadway St.

It is no longer necessary for properties in the impacted area to boil tap water or consume bottled water. For more information please review the following documents:



In 2012, the City completed the Delta Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) providing a supplemental, high-quality water supply for the Stockton Metro area -- up to 30 million gallons per day.


The DWTP was awarded a Gold LEED for energy use, lighting, water, material use, and other sustainable strategies. The water treatment plant also:

  • Replaces declining surface water sources,
  • Protects groundwater supplies, and
  • Provides for current and future water needs.


Water Master Plan Update

The 2021 Water Master Plan Update (WMPU) adopted in February 2021, updates the existing 2008 Water Master Plan in accordance with the Envision Stockton 2040 General Plan Update. The WMPU includes an analysis of the City Water Utility’s existing system, projected water demand based on the 2040 General Plan, water supply, calibration of the City’s water distribution system’s hydraulic model, identification of infrastructure needs, and development of short-and-long-term Capital Improvement Program (CIP) with cost estimates for future improvements.



The City treats and distributes potable water from these sources:

  • Surface water diverted from the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta
  • Surface water from the Mokelumne River purchased from Woodbridge Irrigation District
  • Local groundwater from wells owned and operated by the City
  • Treated water purchased from the Stockton East Water District (SEWD), imported from the New Melones (Stanislaus River) and New Hogan (Calaveras River) Reservoirs


Read the water treatment plant intake and sewer treatment plant discharge daily report and 15-day running average. 


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