Design Criteria

Applicable Codes

2022 versions of the Building, Residential Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Energy, Historical Building, Fire, Existing Building, and Green Building Standards Codes as adopted by the State of California with local amendments, in addition to the Stockton Municipal Code.


  • Geotechnical Report required per CBC section 1803 (Nonresidential/Multifamily)
  • Wind Exposure: C, unless site complies with definition for Exposure B.
  • Wind Loads: As determined by CBC Section 1609 and Chapters 26-30 of ASCE7-16
  • Seismic Design Category - As determined by CBC Section 1613.2.5

Conventional Construction

  • Seismic Design Category
    • Residential CRC - D0, D1, D2
  • Braced walls
    • Residential CRC - R602.10

Residential Additions - Soil Bearing Pressure

  • East of I-5 - use 1500 psf for soil bearing per CBC Table 1806.2
  • West of I-5 - use 1000 psf for soil bearing or provide a geotechnical report

Other Design Criteria

  • Energy Compliance - located in Climate Zone 12
  • Rainfall design is based on 2 inches of rainfall per hour



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