Plan Check

City Planners and Plan Examiners review plans submitted with a building permit application and may request design changes to comply with City regulations and building codes. Time required for a plan check depends on the size and complexity of the project.  


Before submitting plans, ensure the use, size, height and location of the building on the development site conform to the City's Zoning Code. Contact the Planning Division for more information regarding property zoning.


A complete set of plans must include:

  • plot plan,Building Permit Plan Check
  • foundation plan,
  • floor plan,
  • elevations (front, rear and side views),
  • cross-section (floor, wall and roof),
  • details of critical connections,
  • construction details,
  • material specifications, and
  • energy/insulation requirements.



NEW – Electronic Plan Check Option

To streamline services and reduce waste, the City's Building Division now offers an Electronic Plan Check (EPC) option in lieu of traditional paper-based submittals.


Available for all project types needing plan review i.e., residential, commercial, small projects, and solar.


  • Use Flash drive, CD or DVD.
  • Electronic files must be formatted correctly; refer to EPC Guide.
  • Initial submittals MUST be made in person at Permit Center.
  • All resubmittals may be uploaded remotely online.
  • Once approved, permits must be picked up in person at the Permit Center.

Please Note: All EPC submittal go through the same standard review process as a paper submittal. Submitting an EPC does NOT constitute an expedited review.


For any questions regarding the Plan Check Process, please Contact Us.


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