Project Valuation


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Fees Provided in Estimate

Fee amounts shown are typical fees related to a building permit and are estimates only.  The estimate may also include development fees, required on certain types of projects. Development fees (also known as Public Facilities Fees) are based on criteria other than building valuation. Final fees for your project will be determined during the formal plan check process.

Other fees not reflected by the estimator, which may apply to specific types of projects, will be identified during the review process. Please note the estimator may not reflect the latest fee changes.


Fees Not Provided in Estimate

The estimator does NOT estimate:

  • Public Facilities Fees,
  • Fire Prevention Review,
  • Sewer and Water Connection,
  • Area of Benefit Fee/Community Facilities District N. 90-1 Assessment,
  • School Fees,
  • Habitat/Open Space Conservation Fees, and
  • Other fees that may be due for all work types such as "New Building - Complete Improvement."


Plan Check Fee Deposit

A plan check fee deposit is due when plans are submitted for plan check. The deposit is equal to the estimated plan check fee, rounded down to the nearest whole number. If plans are to be checked by an approved outside plan checking firm, the plan check deposit due at permit application will be 35 percent of the Plan Check Fee provided by the online fee estimator.


Additional Permits Required

Some projects may require land use permit(s), fire permit(s), and public works permit(s) that will result in additional applications, approvals, and fees. Please contact the respective agencies for further information.


Valuation Table

The City of Stockton uses a Building Valuation Data (BVD) Table standard provided by the International Code Council.



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