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Stockton Police Department

The Stockton Police Department was founded August 14, 1850.  At the time, the City of Stockton covered approximately 4.3 square miles and protected by 17 officers and a Chief of Police.  San Joaquin County had a population of 3,647.


Today, Stockton has grown to 65 square miles with a population of over 306,000.  


And the size and mission of the Stockton Police Department has grown as well.  The Stockton Police Department, led by Chief Eric Jones, protects and serves the citizens of the 13th largest city in California with: 


The vehicle fleet used by the Stockton Police Department includes:

  • Marked Vehicles - 162
  • Unmarked Vehicles - 130
  • Motorcycles - 25
  • Evidence Vans - 8
  • Bicycles - 12
  • Animal Control - 8
  • Three-Wheel Parking Enforcement Vehicles - 4
  • Miscellaneous - 14



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