Burglar Alarms Photo of Stockton Police Officers

A home without an alarm is six times more likely to be burglarized as a home with a burglar alarm. At the same time, false alarms can become a nuisance. Often, emergency calls are placed on hold while officers respond to false alarms.

The Police Department responds to approximately 1,300 alarms per month; 98 out of 100 of these alarms are false.

If you reside in the city limits, review these links for more information about alarm usage: 

If you reside in the County, contact the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department for an alarm permit.

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Alarm system information:


External Links

License Search for Alarm Companies - California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services 

San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department - Alarm Information (209) 468-4579

State Department of Consumer Affairs

Stockton Better Business Bureau 

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