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Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS)VIPS Group

The Stockton Police Department VIPS are adults, 40 years of age and older, who have an interest in helping their community improve the quality of life for all citizens of Stockton.

Volunteers in Police Service was conceived in January 1992. The concept of the program was for citizen volunteers to assist the Police Department, and the residents of Stockton, by performing duties provided at that time by salaried personnel, and to provide additional services desired by residents that the department was unable to render.


The first class of 15 VIPS members graduated from the VIPS Training Academy on October 1, 1992. As of September 30, 2011, more than 390,000 hours have been contributed by the VIPS since the program's inception.


The goals and objectives of the VIPS are to provide the Stockton Police Department with a team of responsible, dedicated volunteers committed to assist the Department with "extra eyes and ears" that are conducive to fighting crime, perform all duties in a friendly and compassionate manner, and display a caring and helpful attitude toward the residents and visitors of Stockton.


To reach our goals, members will perform a wide array of duties, including the following:

  • Assist with assorted indoor/outdoor special events
  • Fingerprint children during school visits when requested
  • Provide deterrent patrol
  • Locate, mark, and tow abandoned automobiles
  • Conduct vacation house checks
  • Issue disabled parking and illegal parking notices, and for out-of-registration and no license plates
  • Staff lobby information desks at Main Police Facility and Investigations Division
  • Perform pickup/delivery services for City staff
  • Assist Fleet Maintenance
  • Provide assistance throughout the Police Department
  • Issue radios, vehicle keys, etc. to Patrol Officers start their shift.
  • Assist with Crime Stoppers Program
  • Assist with the Graffiti Program

In addition to the above duties, VIPS attend an academy, which is approximately 24 hours. The academy includesVIPS Fingerprinting general traffic instruction, the roles of different divisions within the Police Department, CERT training, and training regarding VIPS' assignments and responsibilities. They aid the Police Department's Neighborhood Services Section with graffiti and code violations and by assisting with preplanned neighborhood sweeps.


The VIPS do not limit their assistance to City Departments. They represent the City and Stockton Police Department at numerous events, such as the Asparagus Festival, National Night Out, Cinco de Mayo, Red Ribbon Week, and events requested by citizens, organizations, and clubs.


The minimum requirements for acceptance into the VIPS program include a combination of education and life experiences necessary to enable one to make reasonable decisions, and candidates must be at least 40 years of age. All new VIPS are thoroughly trained prior to assuming their duties.


Anyone interested in becoming a Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) member for the Stockton Police Department should contact the VIPS Office by telephone at 209-937-8477.



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