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The City of Stockton addresses neighborhood traffic issues, traffic safety and neighborhood livability through a community-based Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP), commonly referred to as traffic calming.  The goal of the NTMP is to improve safety and the quality-of-life for residents by reducing the impacts from speeding vehicles, cut-through traffic, and careless drivers on residential streets.


The NTMP goals include:

  • providing neighborhood residents with the education and information necessary to become active participants in addressing their neighborhood-identified traffic issues through a traffic calming plan,
  • implementing traffic calming techniques and effective engineering principles, and
  • targeted police enforcement.


Traffic calming measures are simple roadway design features that:

  • reduce the effects of motor vehicle use,
  • alter driver behavior, and
  • improve conditions for non-motorized street users. 


Most traffic calming measures create slight alterations to the street geometry, reducing its real or perceived width, or cause the driver to negotiate curvature or pavement texture. Traffic calming creates a better neighborhood environment giving residents a sense of safety and comfort when using their local streets.



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