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Unpaid Utility Account Liens and Assessments Department: Administrative Services

Millions of dollars in unpaid utility accounts may result in property liens and assessments beginning this year, 2018. This week, the City of Stockton sent letters to property owners who are also the utility account holder, advising it will place a lien for delinquent charges on the property, unless the delinquent amount is paid.

“The City provides sewer and stormwater services and bills for garbage and recycling services for the entire City,” said Chief Financial Officer Matt Paulin. “Most of the unpaid utility accounts are in areas where the City is not the water service provider and customers receive water service from Cal Water. In areas where the City provides water service, water is shut off when utility bills are not paid and less than 1% of these accounts remain unpaid each month. In the Cal Water service area, the City cannot shut water off because we are not the water service provider. We make every effort to collect delinquent accounts in the Cal Water service area, including sending monthly bills, phone calls, posting notices to the property and sending accounts to collections.”

For additional information, please see the Full News Release.

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