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Water Distribution Water Flushing from April 1-27 Department: Municipal Utilities

The City's Municipal Utilities Department will conduct flushing of the City’s water systems, April 1, 2018, through April 27, 2018. Water distribution systems require regular flushing to remove sand and mineral deposits that accumulate in the pipelines over time.

During the flushing process, customers may experience a slight discoloration of water if a faucet is turned on during or shortly after the pipelines are flushed. If water is discolored, turning on an outside faucet for a few minutes until the water clears is recommended.

Flushing activities will occur during the night, between 9:00 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.

Read full news release below for areas and dates. All flushing dates are approximate and may vary based on the actual time it takes to flush each area.

For questions concerning this maintenance process, please contact the City of Stockton Water Field Office at (209) 937-7031.

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