Economic Development

The Economic Development Department is dedicated to supporting a sustainable local economy and increasing the quality of life in Stockton. The department is committed to supporting the creation of new jobs, attracting investment, increasing revenue, and maintaining City-owned property.

The Economic Development Department's core services include the following:

Economic Development - Supports existing businesses and attracts new development and investment.
Housing - Provides assistance to low- and moderate-income homeowners, affordable housing developers, and local public service agencies.
Real Property - Oversees City-owned property and the brownfields program.
Parking and Events - Manages the downtown parking district, public boat launches, downtown marina, and event venues.

Arena Garage Survey

The City is conducting a survey to gather input on the public's views on downtown revitalization, superficially around Stockton's entertainment venues in Downtown Stockton.

The Arena Garage offers a unique opportunity to support the ongoing activities and events at the entertainment venues with the potential to transform the 15,000 SF vacant commercial space into a bustling public market that would accommodate and support local entrepreneurs. For more information, visit the Arena Garage project page and take the survey to provide your input.

Take the survey

Broken Windows Grant Program

The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Stockton Broken Window Grant Program announced a one-time funding allocation of $250,000 to ease the cost of replacing broken exterior windows of small business storefronts.

Eligible Stockton businesses may receive a one-time grant to alleviate the financial burden of replacing broken windows. The maximum grant amount is $800 per window, up to $2,000 per business location.

Broken Windows Grant Application- English


Broken Windows Grant Application - Español


Advantage Stockton

Looking for community data? Labor force and business data? Or maybe you're looking for available land or commercial sites. Visit our economic development and site selection portal Advantage Stockton to learn more about our community and the Stockton Advantage.

Advantage Stockton

Economic Development Strategic Action Plan  

The City's Economic Development Strategic Action Plan (EDSAP) guides the Economic Development Department's efforts in activating Stockton's core assets and accelerating economic success. The plan identifies seven key investment areas (listed below) and supporting initiatives that are focused on Stockton branding, community infrastructure, and economy & business.

Review the full plan to learn more: 2022 Economic Development Strategic Action Plan

Investment Areas

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Strengthen Local Business Climate Develop Local Workforce Capacity Create Innovation Hub Promote Brand Unify Community Invest in Key Assets Transform Downtown

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Parking Authority and Events

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