Capacity Building and Systems Support

The City participates in a range of regional collaborations to improve the effectiveness of the homelessness response system. The City currently invests in a number of critical homeless system infrastructure supports, such as Coordinated Entry, the Homeless Management Information System, and the Homeless Point in Time Count. It also invests in and participates in regional and local strategic planning efforts. The City will grant funds to support local organizational capacity building to enhance services and to support local non-profit housing development for underserved and inappropriately served homeless individuals through measures such as staff and executive trainings, technical assistance, fiscal sponsorship and incubator programs, and other efforts to promote the professional growth and capacity of organizations.

2024 Homeless Regional Plan

The City of Stockton, San Joaquin County, and the San Joaquin Continuum of Care submitted a joint application for $14 Million in Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program Round 5 funds. As part of the application, the three entities developed and approved a Regional Homelessness Action Plan ensuring that Stockton will receive a $7 million allocation to support initiatives to address homelessness. The Regional Homeless Action Plan was prepared by Rane Community Development and is included below.

Funding Sources:

Funded Supports:

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