Development Fee Deferral Incentive Programs

Fee Deferral Program Recipient Hampton Inn

Non-Residential Fee Deferral Program 

To stimulate economic development within the City of Stockton and assist developers with upfront development fees, the City Council adopted a fee deferral program for the development of commercial and industrial buildings.

Rather than paying the City's Public Facilities Fees (or development impact fees) when a building permit is issued, the developer of a qualified non-residential project may elect to defer certain eligible fees through equal payments over a 5- or 10-year period, with interest.

A completed application, along with the property's Title Report, must be submitted to the Economic Development Department for review prior to building permit issuance. If approved, an agreement between the City and applicant will be executed.

Apply for the Non-Residential Fee Deferral Program


Short-term Non-residential Public Facilities Fee and Mitigation Fee Deferral Program

This program provides short-term relief from upfront development costs, specifically impact fees, until construction has been completed and the building is ready to occupy. Rather than paying development impact fees when a building permit is issued, a developer with a qualified non-residential project may elect to defer payment of such fees, with the exception of certain “pass-through” fees.

New non-residential construction projects may defer eligible fees until:
  • the first certificate of occupancy, whether temporary or final, or
  • two years from the first building permit issuance, whichever is less.

A request for short-term deferral of eligible fees for new non-residential construction projects must be submitted in writing to the Economic Development Department. If the project is deemed eligible, a fee deferral agreement must be executed between the applicant and City prior to the issue of the building permit. This program becomes effective March 25, 2017, and has been extended by the Stockton City Council through December 31, 2027.

Apply for the Short-term Fee Deferral Program

Economic Review Committee (ERC)

Project Teams taking advantage of any fee deferral programs are also encouraged to meet with the Economic Review Committee. The Economic Review Committee (ERC) is the City's development and site plan review program. It is a free, voluntary service for project developers and business owners looking to invest in new development or major tenant improvements and would like feedback on preliminary site plans and project requirements prior to submitting plans for plan review. 

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