Mobile Stage

This portable special event stage can be rented for remote-site events and productions within the city of Stockton, such as concerts, recreation programs, and shows. The mobile stage can be rented between 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM and reserved up to six months prior to your event date. 

Mobile Stage Rental Cost

$940       Delivery and Stage*
$705       Non-Profit Delivery and Stage*
$750       Security Deposit
* Showmobile rental rate will vary based on actual costs associated with towing, generator usage, fuel fees, and overtime usage.

Mobile Stage Features

  • Two sets of 48-inch wide stairs with handrails
  • 10 folding chairs
  • Decorative stage skirt
  • All-weather deck with slip-resistant surface texture
  • Generator - optional

Stage Dimensions

  • Body length: 32 feet
  • Stage length: 32 feet
  • Stage depth: 14 feet
  • Stage height from the ground: 48 inches to 61 inches, adjustable

Last Update : 12/09/2023, 12:01:46 AM