SMC, City Charter, Civil Service Rules

Stockton Municipal Code (SMC)

The Stockton Municipal Code (SMC) is the collection of City ordinances adopted by the City Council. Frequently requested topics in the SMC are the Development Code, Business License and Regulations, Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Spaces.

City Charter

The Charter of the City of Stockton is the voter determined governing document of the City.  Here you will find information on City Boundaries, Council Districts, Council, Council Appointees, Elections and more.

Civil Service Rules and Regulations

Guidelines for most City employees are maintained by the Human Resources Department and maintained in the Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

Council Policy Manual

Polices which do not require adoption by ordinance and are adopted by City Council resolution are maintained in the Council Policy Manual. Topics include, Governance, Meetings and Hearings, and more.
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