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The City of Stockton Community Development Department will host community meetings and gather information through a planning process collectively identified as Shape Stockton.  These planning efforts will create specific Neighborhood Action Plans for the South Airport Way Corridor, Little Manila/Gleason Park, and Cabral/East Cabral based on an analysis of needs and constraints and establish design and development standards. The action plans will focus on eliminating barriers to housing construction and recommend actions and strategies for each neighborhood.


Neighborhood Action Plan Survey

Tell us about your priority neighborhood actions by taking our survey now. Survey closes 12/3/23. 


NEW! Draft "Citywide Housing Action Plan (HAP)" and "Neighborhood Action Plans"

The City of Stockton has released public drafts of two exciting housing plans!

#1 The Housing Action Plan (HAP) is a process and resource-oriented document to increase housing production by serving as a toolkit for residents, housing developers, and nonprofits interested in establishing all housing types in the City of Stockton. The HAP will not create new housing policy or zoning standards but outline the housing development process and make recommendations on how it can be improved, or additional housing resources can be attained. The HAP is not regulated by the State and is intended to be used as a tool in creating more housing. Please note: Only Chapters 1, 3, and 4 are available for public review at this time.

#2 The Neighborhood Action Plans for three targeted Study Areas (South Airport Way, Little Manila/Gleason Park, and Cabral/East Cabral Station Area) will establish strategies for removing barriers to housing production and encouraging the development of new housing. The Plans are being prepared in collaboration with residents and housing developers through a series of community events.


NEW! Revised Draft of Housing Element 

The draft 6th Cycle (2023-2031) Housing Element was circulated to residents, stakeholders, and City departments for comments from April 12, 2023, to May 12, 2023.  Based on feedback received, the City revised and submitted the Draft Housing Element to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) on June 6, 2023. HCD is responsible for reviewing the Draft Housing Element for consistency with State Housing Law before adoption and certification.


The City has revised the Draft Housing Element in response to initial comments received from the State in August 2023. More specifically, the Policy Document (HE-1), Chapter 2 (Existing Needs Assessment), and Chapter 6 (Potential Housing Constraints) have been revised. The revised Housing Element is available for viewing and download in PDF format by clicking the below links..


The following items include the Draft Housing Element submitted to HCD in June 2023 and the City's response letter to comments.


Neighborhood Icon  Neighborhood Action Plans

Neighborhood Action Plans are being developed for the South Airport Way Corridor, Little Manila/Gleason Park, and Cabral/East Cabral. Planning efforts will focus on eliminating barriers to housing construction and will result in recommended actions and strategies for each Neighborhood Area. 

You can help us.  Please take a few moments to complete our questionnaire. 


Development Code Icon  Development Code Overhaul + Design Standards

The Development Code Overhaul and Objective Design Standards will be processed together and significantly modify the City's zoning code standards (design and property use) used for entitlement, business license, code enforcement, and building permit reviews. The Design Standards go beyond zoning requirements to provide specific requirements on building orientation, architecture, and onsite amenities.


Housing Icon  Housing Element + Housing Action Plan

The Housing Element Update is required by state law and outlines the City’s housing policies, demographics, and housing capacity sites necessary to fulfill the City’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). The Housing Action Plan (HAP) is an original planning document that creates a user manual to encourage housing development of all types in Stockton and will serve as a strategic plan to identify housing priority sites and outline recommendations for further action. It is a “toolkit” to encourage housing production, both affordable and market-rate.  

Interactive Mapping Tool (Link)

Interactive Mapping Tool


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