Risk Services

The Risk Services Division protects the City's resources and limits liability exposures with stable, cost-effective risk management services and valuable customer service to employees and citizens.  This division helps City departments identify and manage risk associated with activities and projects to reduce the chance of loss and create greater financial stability.

Risk Services helps:

  • Inspect all City property for OSHA and ADA Compliance 
  • Investigate and recover damages to City assets caused by individuals and corporate entities
  • Manage the City's self-insured general liability and Workers' Compensation programs in accordance with applicable law 
  • Provide knowledgeable and professional consulting advice to departments within the City
  • Review all City contracts with outside contractors and consultants
  • Select and purchase all liability and property coverage
  • Ensure services to citizens and special event sponsors are protected with appropriate insurance
  • Ensure employees work in a safe manner and adhere to applicable safety guidelines.
Last Update : 12/13/2023, 1:46:52 PM