Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness is managed by the City's Office of Emergency Services (OES) for disaster preparedness, readiness, City departments response, and mitigation.

The City plans for and responds to all types of natural and man-made disasters. All departments in City government respond to disasters.

California Emergency Management Agency - FEMA brochures, forms and checklists
San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (OES)


Emergency Preparedness
Who is in charge?
OES is headed by the City Manager who acts as the Emergency Services Director. The Director works closely with the Emergency Services Group comprised of all City department heads.

The day-to-day operation of disaster preparedness and readiness lies with the Emergency Manager.
What is a disaster?

The City OES responds to all kinds of disasters, including:

  • earthquakes,
  • floods,
  • major power outages,
  • major fires,
  • radiological, chemical and biological accidents/attacks.
What happens if there is a disaster in Stockton?

When a disaster occurs, the Emergency Services Director meets with the City's Emergency Services Group to prioritize and develop strategies. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated and becomes the center of communication and coordination of resources. The Emergency Manager coordinates all of the functions within the EOC.

How can you be prepared for a disaster?

Prepare now for a sudden emergency. Visit Federal Emergency Management Agency website for checklists and information about how to Make a Plan.

Discuss readiness ideas with your family and prepare an emergency plan.  Post the plan where everyone can see it – on the refrigerator or bulletin board.  

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also offers free brochures and checklists in several languages for families, kids, persons with disabilities, older Americans, and businesses. Please visit the website in External Links to view and print materials to prepare for an emergency, including a form for personal contact information and plans for reuniting as a family after a disaster. 

For additional information on how to develop an emergency plan for your area, visit the San Joaquin County OES, California Emergency Management Agency, Ready.Gov, or American Red Cross websites listed below.

For questions about the City OES, contact Stockton Fire Department Administration or the Office of Emergency Services.

To report an emergency, call 9-1-1. 
For a non-emergency, call (209) 464-4650.

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