In the City of Stockton, Multi-Family Properties with 4 units or more must separate organic waste and recycling service from the trash. Multi-family units include:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • 4-plexes
  • Mobile Home Parks

Senate Bill (SB) 1383
All residents must divert organic material from landfills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Property managers must provide separate containers for tenants to collect organics, recycling, and garbage. The state mandates that all residents recycle organic waste, paper, cardboard, yard materials, food scraps, and food-soiled paper. 

Mandatory recycling service is required. The multi-family property shall provide or arrange for recyclable materials, organic materials, and solid waste collection services by:

  • Educate new tenants within 14 days on how to separate organics from recycling and garbage,
  • Provide sorting guides for organics, recyclables, trash, and other educational materials to tenants, 
  • Post signs in common areas such as the lobby, on mailboxes, and the laundry room,
  • Make all containers accessible to tenants, by placing organics and recycling containers in common areas such as the lobby, laundry room, and kitchen/dining area.

Multi-family properties that arranges for gardening or landscaping services, shall require a contract or work agreement between the owner, occupant, or operator and a gardening or landscaping services. This will specify that the designated organic materials generated by those services shall be disposed of in an approved facility. 

The Waste & Recycling Division of the City's Public Works Department implements and tracks this new program, while the City's franchised waste haulers (Republic Services and Waste Management) partner to provide education and public outreach.

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Stockton Municipal Code 8.04.035 - Requirements for multifamily

Last Update : 05/22/2024, 8:26:35 AM