Residential Services


Stockton residents in a single-family home, duplex or triplex receive residential waste collection services at a fixed rate and include:

  • Weekly trash, recycling, green waste, and food waste collection
  • 12 Extra Service Stickers per year
  • Street sweeping every other week
  • Used motor oil and oil filter collection
  • Annual Stockton Clean Sweep Collection - February 1 to October 31
  • Seasonal Leaf Collection - October 1 to December 31
  • Christmas Tree Collection - December 26 to January 12

Residents receive three-wheeled carts for: trash, recycling, and green/food waste – all for one monthly cost. Weekly waste collection services occur on a day specified by your service provider.

At the start of a new service, residents receive a "Starter Kit" with: 

  1. Information on what material to place in each cart
  2. Set of 12 Extra Service stickers when you have too much waste to fit into any of the carts
  3. List of services included in your monthly service charge
  4. List of special services available at a nominal fee

Most concerns about your service can be resolved by contacting your service provider. If you have additional questions or concerns, Contact Us

Billing, Rates & Discounts

Rates for Solid Waste & Recycling Collection

On November 5, 2019, the City Council approved a 10-year franchise agreement. Republic Services and Waste Management are the contracted service providers that serve the residents of the City of
Stockton with weekly curbside collection of garbage, recyclables, and organics (green and food waste). The companies also provide street sweeping services within the City of Stockton. 

Service rates are adjusted annually. The rate adjustment is equal to 100% of the change in the Consumer Price Index for the 12-month period ending in April. The rates for all residential and commercial customers are effective January 1.


The 2023 rates listed below are for Residential customers and are based on the size of your garbage cart. 

  • Please see below for the different cart sizes for trash service.
  • Residential customers can receive an additional 90-gallon Organic (Green & Food Waste) Cart for free upon request. 
  • Use the City's About Your Address feature to see which company handles your service.

Single-Family, Duplex, and Tri-Plex Customers 

  • Rates listed are per customer, per month.
  • The following rates apply only to customers living in single-family, duplex and tri-plex homes.
  • The monthly rate includes weekly Solid Waste, 60-gal Recyclable Materials and 90-gal Organic Materials Collection Services.

Service Description Rate Per Month
30-gal solid waste container $36.14
60-gal solid waste container $45.78
90-gal solid waste container $55.46

Rate Schedule

Additional Containers at Reduced Rates

To request additional containers for residential services, please contact your waste hauler, either Republic Services or Waste Management. The 2024 rates listed below are for Residential customers.

Service Description Rate Per Month
Additional 30-gal solid waste container $ 12.04
Additional 60-gal solid waste container $ 15.27
Additional 90-gal solid waste container $ 18.49
Service Description Rate Per Month
Additional 60-gal recycling container $ 7.62
Additional 90-gal recycling container $ 9.24
Service Description Rate Per Month
Additional 60-gal organics container $ 11.45
Additional 90-gal organics container $ 13.87

Residential and commercial customers with questions about garbage service charges should contact their service provider. 

Residential Rate Discounts
To qualify, the bill must be in the name of the qualifying customer and for the customer's primary residence.

Senior Discount
If you are a senior 65 years and older, the utility bill account holder, and live at the service location, you can receive a 10% discount on your garbage and recycling collection service rate. Please contact your waste hauler, either Republic Services or Waste Management, to receive this discount.

  • You must present a copy of your driver's license or California identification card to receive the discount.
  • If an old address is on your driver's license or California identification card, you may be asked for proof of residency at the address in question.

Seniors and Disabled Persons Below Median Income

Seniors 65 and older who have a below-median annual income of $35,483 per household may be eligible for an additional 10% discount. Download the application below or call Utility Billing Customer Service for an application by mail.

Residents who are permanently disabled and have a below-median annual income of $35,483 per household may be eligible for a 10% discount. Download the application below or call Utility Billing Customer Service for an application by mail.


Pick Up Days
Waste collection is provided on specific days based on your location and by your service provider. When you start your service, you will be informed of your waste collection day. You can also use the City's About My Address feature to determine your collection day.
Cart Placement

Carts should be placed curbside, in front of your property after 6 p.m. the day before your scheduled collection day. Carts must be removed from the curbside no later than 11 p.m. on the scheduled collection day.

All 3 carts are emptied on the same day, but not by the same truck. You may choose to set out
your recycling or organics carts only when full, which may not be every week.

Wheeled Carts
Stockton's service providers provide sturdy, easy-to-use wheeled carts for residents to use. The carts have an attached colored lid to alert you to the type of material to put in each cart.

Trash Cart - Gray Lid
Trash is all material that cannot be placed in either the Recycling or Organics (Green & Food Waste) Cart, including things like ashes, pet waste, litter and Styrofoam. Please "Right Size" your cart and keep Stockton clean and green.  

  • Option to choose a 30-, 60- or 90-gallon wheeled cart
  • Weekly pickup when placed curbside on your designated service day
  • Trash (Garbage) Examples
grey cart

Recycling Cart - Blue Lid
Stockton's cart system is designed so more items will go into the Recycling cart than the Trash cart. Recycling includes clean and empty, dry bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. Keep recyclables loose. Don't bag recyclables. Only materials free of contaminates are recyclable. 

  • 60-gallon wheeled cart
  • Weekly pickup when placed curbside on your designated service day
  • Recycling Examples
blue cart

Organics (Green & Food Waste) Cart - Green Lid
Green waste is another name for yard waste such as leaves, tree or shrub trimmings, grass clippings and some indoor items such as unpotted plants.  Food waste also goes in the green-lid cart. Acceptable items may include vegetable and fruit peelings, solid dairy, egg shells, meat, fish, and food contaminated materials such as paper napkins and greasy cardboard pizza boxes.

  • 90-gallon wheeled cart
    • Residential customers can receive an additional 90-gallon Organic (green waste) Cart for free.
  • Weekly pickup when placed curbside on your designated service day
  • Organics (Green & Food Waste) Examples
grey cart
Holiday Service Schedule
Collection schedules remain the same on all holidays except for Christmas and New Year's Day. During the Christmas and New Year's holiday weeks, some collection services may be delayed by one day.
Other Services
Extra Service Sticker

Residents receive 12 extra service stickers per year for free pick up of extra garbage, recycling or green waste that will not fit in your carts.

  • Place extra material in a 30-gallon plastic bag; attach the sticker to the bag.
  • Place the bag next to the appropriate cart (gray-lid cart for trash, green-lid cart for green waste and food waste, yellow-lid cart for recycling)
  • Make sure the sticker faces the street for the driver to see.
- Once the 12 extra service stickers have been used, additional service is available at a nominal cost.
- Extra service stickers are mailed directly to the service address each year.
- New set of stickers may be used from January 1 through December 31.
Street Sweeping
Residential areas will be swept every other week on the day following your waste collection day. Sweeping will occur between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Vehicles parked on the street, low-hanging branches or other impediments prohibit sweepers from cleaning streets and gutters. Residents are encouraged to remove vehicles and any other obstacles from the streets on sweeping days.
Seasonal Leaf Collection
During Leaf Season – Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 only – your service provider will collect up to five bags of extra leaves per week at no additional charge.   

Tips for Managing Leaf Season
All yard waste must be in containers. Use this helpful list of leaf tips to manage leaves during Leaf Season.

Illegal Leaf Piles
Residents are not allowed to rake, blow or pile leaves in the street for collection. This is a violation of the Stockton Municipal Code; you could be subject to a fine. The only leaves that should be in the street are those that fall naturally. Only these leaves will be collected by street sweepers every other week.

Complaints about Leaf Piles in Street

  1. The Waste and Recycling Field Specialist or Code Enforcement Officer verify the loose pile of green waste or leaves in the public right-of-way street or gutter.
  2. Officer issues a 24-hour Violation Warning Notice with the "Intent to Abate" box checked.  This provides notice leaf piles must be removed from the public right-of-way.
  3. The next day, the officer re-inspects the area. If the pile is still there, the Officer issues a 24-hour Administrative Citation, which carries inspection and case processing fees as noted in the City's Fee Schedule.
  4. The following day, the officer can either issue another Administrative Citation, with an additional inspection fee and fine or have the pile(s) removed by a City contractor. The contractor and administrative fees will be charged to the owner/tenants who are in violation.
Backyard Services

This service allows the customer's carts to receive collection services from a location other than at curbside. This is a convenient way to make sure you never miss your weekly collection.

Senior and disabled residents may receive Back Yard Service at no cost with medical verification. For a small monthly fee, residents may request Back Yard Service. Contact your Garbage Service Providers to learn more.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees will be collected for three weeks starting on the first Monday after December 25. Christmas trees should be set out for recycling on your regularly scheduled collection day. Make sure to remove all ornaments, tinsel, lights, and stands.

  • If the tree is taller than 6 feet, cut it in half so it is easier to remove.

  • Place the tree at the curb.

  • Flocked or fireproofed trees may be placed curbside; however, they will not be recycled.

Christmas trees are collected using a rear-loading truck. This truck is different than the trucks that normally empty your wheeled carts. Collection may occur before or after your wheeled carts are emptied on your service day.

If you still have a Christmas tree to dispose of after the special collection period ends, please cut it into smaller pieces and place it in your organics cart for recycling. Flocked or fireproofed trees must be placed in the trash cart as they cannot be recycled.

Any Christmas tree left curbside after the special collection period ends, will be removed and the customer charged the authorized rate for its removal.

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