Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Crime Free Multi-Housing is a partnership between the Stockton Police Department and managers/owners of multi-unit rental properties working together to prevent crime and enforce the penal code and civil code violations. The term Crime Free does not mean crimes have been eliminated. It means the management and the residents agree to work together to keep a well-maintained property and promote good quality of life while reducing crime.

Phase 1: Management Training
Begins with an eight-hour workshop presented by police personnel and rental experts for property owners, managers, and staff.

  • Applicant Screening.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.
  • Crime Free Lease Addendum: How It Works.
  • Drug and Gang Awareness.
  • Working with Dispatch.
  • Manager’s Responsibilities.

In addition to the rental lease agreement, a CFMH member is required to apply the Crime Free Lease Addendum to all residents.

Phase 2: Property Security Assessment

The apartment building and property receive a CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) security assessment by police personnel. Apartments must meet the minimum CPTED security requirements of CFMH to become fully certified.

Phase 3: Resident Training

At a Safety Social, residents learn crime prevention and fire safety tips. The property will be certified and permitted to display the CFMH sign and use the CFMH logo within rental documents and advertising. The apartment property is recertified annually after hosting this Safety Social meeting with police and resident

For more information contact Community Service Officer Sy Truong at (209) 937-7255 or

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