Graffiti Removal

The City of Stockton needs your help in the fight against graffiti. Please report graffiti and vandals. Do not assume that someone else has already reported the graffiti. Call the Graffiti Hotline to report graffiti. A clean-up crew will be sent to the location at no cost. 

Reporting and Removing Graffiti on Private Property

In January 2007, the City of Stockton adopted a more stringent graffiti ordinance in an effort to reduce graffiti throughout the city. The ordinance includes additional penalties and requires property owners to assist with removing and preventing graffiti on private property. Start by calling the Graffiti Hotline to report the graffiti location. Print the Graffiti Abatement Identification and Permission Form and mail it to the Anti-Graffiti Program address listed on the form. This will give the Neighborhood Services Graffiti Abatement Team permission to clean the graffiti from your property. You can also report graffiti online by filing a request through Ask Stockton.  

If you want to report graffiti at a specific location or have questions about graffiti removal, please call the Graffiti Hotline at (209) 937-8040.

If you see a tagger in the act, call 9-1-1 to report a crime. If your tip leads to an arrest, you may be eligible for a cash reward from Stockton Crime Stoppers

Last Update : 02/06/2024, 3:36:29 PM