Bicycle Master Plan

Bicycle Master Plan

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The City of Stockton Bicycle Master Plan is part of the overall General Plan 2035 update. The City's current network of existing bicycle facilities offers about 100 miles of off-street trails and paths, as well as on-street bicycle facilities. 

Bike Routes

Print a map of the main bike connectors and take it along with you as you ride.

Community Workshops

For future workshop alerts, please sign-up for email notifications through Ask Stockton to Plan4Bikes. 
Follow along and participate in the process.

Bicycle Master Plan Update

Updates focus on ways to make Stockton safer and more comfortable for cyclists of all ages and creating more opportunities to get around without a car.

Over the past decade, Stockton has experienced significant changes, prompting the City to reimagine its evolving transportation needs, street redesigns, and land-use development. 

City of Stockton Bicycle Master Plan Fact Sheet


Several major planning efforts by the City include:
  • completing its first Climate Action Plan
  • initiating a comprehensive amendment to General Plan
  • helping to develop the Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy

The next step – rewrite Stockton’s Bicycle Master Plan to support sustainable mobility and growth and ensure the next phase of bicycle infrastructure can be funded and implemented.

For a visual of the project planning process, view the Project Fact Sheet.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department.

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