South Stockton Ped Signal

South Stockton Pedestrian HAWK Improvements Project (WT22048)

The City of Stockton was awarded a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant for pedestrian enhancements. The South Stockton Pedestrian HAWK Improvements Project will increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, improve mobility & accessibility, and increase visibility at eight (8) locations.

Each crossing location was studied and recommendations for improvements included pedestrian hybrid beacons (HAWK), ADA-compliant curb ramps, intersection lighting, crosswalk striping, and sidewalk repair.  A High Intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) beacon signal acts like a standard signalized intersection to the pedestrian because it gives the pedestrian a protected phase to start crossing. However, the HAWK also keeps traffic moving by allowing traffic to continue once the pedestrian has crossed. For more information about how a HAWK signal operates, please click here to view a YouTube video.

HAWK Signal Photo
This project is funded by a HSIP grant, which is awarded to infrastructure projects that will aid in significantly reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities on public roadways.

Project Locations
  1. Pershing Avenue & Rose Street
  2. Center Street & Jefferson Street
  3. El Dorado Street & 7th Street
  4. M.L.K Jr Boulevard & Stanislaus Street
  5. Airport Way & 9th Street
  6. Airport Way & Anderson Street
  7. Airport Way & Washington Street
  8. Main Street & Searchlight Avenue
Project Schedule
The project is currently under design and is set to start construction in Spring 2024 and will take several months to complete.

Project Information
The City of Stockton has awarded a contract to Advanced Mobility Group for the design of this project.  
HAWK Project Location Map Photo

For questions, please contact or call (209) 937-8613.
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