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Shape Stockton

Stockton’s Community Development Department is conducting community meetings and preparing planning documents for various initiatives known as Shape Stockton. These initiatives include significant changes to the City's Development Code, Housing Element, and Design Guidelines, revisions to the Safety Element, and the creation of four new Action Plans. These Action Plans consist of a citywide Housing Action Plan (HAP) and three Neighborhood Action Plans for the Little Manila/Gleason Park, South Airport Way Corridor, and Cabral/East Cabral areas. These initiatives started in 2022 and are expected to be finalized by 2024. A summary of feedback received so far can be viewed in the link below.

Please see the tiles below for more information on each effort.

(NEW) Notice of Upcoming Workshops
The City is hosting a variety of workshops to facilitate feedback on various draft documents prepared for the Shape Stockton initiatives. Please see the City’s  Newsroom or the link below for details on those workshops.

(NEW) Revised Draft of Housing Element 
The draft 6th Cycle (2023-2031) Housing Element was circulated to residents, stakeholders, and City departments for comments in May, August, and December. Please see the Housing Element Tab below for more information and to view the latest draft.

(NEW) Revised Development Code
After numerous workshops, interviews, studies, and meetings with City staff, drafts of the Development Code divisions can be seen in the Development Code and Design Guidelines Tab below.

(NEW) Draft Housing Action Plan (HAP)
After numerous workshops and meetings with City staff, the following drafts are released for public review and comment.

(NEW) Draft Neighborhood Action Plans  
Much like the HAP, the following drafts and associated reports are released for public review and comment. Please see the Neighborhood Action Plans Tab below for more information and to view the latest draft.

Last Update : 02/15/2024, 7:43:12 AM